Gateway Worship | Lima, Peru | FAITH + TRAVEL

This time last week, I was in a bull-fighting arena. Well it used to be a bull fighting arena.

Hello, my name is...

Maybe I should just start from the beginning...hi, my name's Jessica. I'm an associate worship pastor at Gateway Church, serving as our Southlake campus music director and pianist. (That basically means I have a front row spot for all the fun stuff. 🤗) Seriously, it doesn't seem fair to call it a "job," because I love it that much.

When I stepped into Gateway Church 12 years ago (wearing a black fringe poncho paired with GAP sandals -- how could I forget?), I stepped into my future. 14-year-old Jessica couldn't have imagined she'd now be out of college working full time at such a special place, in such a seemingly tailor-made spot just for her...for such a time as this. Immeasurably more than I could ever ask or think (Ephesians 3:20--one of my faves). This is where I grew up, where I continue to grow, and where I now desire to help others grow. This is my land and these are my people--the ones I walk through the fires with, weather the storms with, and ride the waves with. The roots run deep here!

Walls AKA Murallas

Now back to the bull-fighting arena. Well, almost. In May of 2015, we recorded our latest worship album, "Walls," which was released in October (click here to preview/purchase). This was a really amazing project to take part in, but never did I dream we'd pack it up and take it to Peru to capture the same songs in SPANISH! Over 20,000 people gathered for the event. The sound of that many people singing the same song for the same purpose is really overwhelming...a real dream come true to experience here on earth.

Worship Leading #GOALS

The ultimate objective of leading worship is to connect with God and connect with people, and then help bring the two parties together. Once that connection is established, the worship leaders might as well be invisible. It's not about platform or performance--lights or sound--it's about people experiencing God in the greatest way possible.

At one point during the night, the congregation led us in a chorus that repeated over and over...for over 10 minutes. (I uploaded a few minutes of it on Facebook!) That congregation-led example is just one of countless heaven-on-earth moments from the night. I wish you ALL could've been there to experience it with me, but I'm so grateful to have videos and pictures to share!

That's my dad (on the right) and he is THE coolest, justsoyaknow^^

So much preparation went into this event and will continue to go into the release of this project...truly an amazing team effort! Lots of hugs, huddles and high fives to follow such an incredible experience. 🙌

I'll be sure to keep you updated when the project is releasing...I can hardly wait to relive the fun!

Much love xo




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