Girly QT Guide | National Bestie Day

Happy National Best Friend's Day! I'm wondering who declares June 8 to be "National Best Friend Day," and to be honest, I think whoever "they" are go a bit overboard. National Donut Day, National Napping Day, National Weatherperson Day? Not that I'm complaining, but... Either way, I'm glad somebody landed on a day to celebrate besties!

I took some liberty of my own and planned a day for your BFF and you. Surprise! πŸ€— The way this actually came about...I was thinking about the girls in my life and reminiscing some of the absolute best friend days I've had. (Scrolling through my camera roll is my favorite way of reviewing such days.) So if you're girly, with a side of adventure, this day is so you.

My bestie (Blaire) and I love traveling, so I'm also including what city the photos were taken in below them!

1. First things first...pick up some macarons (or a Sprinkles cupcake, bundt cake--to each his own--her--to each her own). You'll need it later!

(Bottega Louie; Los Angeles, California)

2. Rent city bikes and explore your hometown on two wheels.

(Left: Sarasota, Florida; Right: Scottsdale, Arizona)

We've done this in multiple cities! It normally costs $8 for city bikes...making our hangs that much more comical navigating the city on two wheels.

3. Destination? Posh hotel for lunch. Valet your bicycles. (πŸ‘ΈπŸ˜‰) Split your meal (so you don't have to decide and you can try it all), but skip dessert! (Trust me.)

(Four Seasons; Austin, Texas)

(Four Seasons; Scottsdale, Arizona)

4. After lunch, head to the pretty park close to the hotel (cause there's always a pretty park close to the posh hotel). Now's your chance to take a breather and whip out the treats you picked up this morning! (Hopefully you haven't gotten into them already. 😏)

(Four Seasons; Austin, Texas)

5. FREE STYLE! For Blaire and me, we really enjoy hiking, especially when we travel. Find some nearby trails and explore! Other ideas include hitting up the batting cages, taking in some pool time, local museum, botanical garden or grabbing a mani/pedi!

 (1 - LACMA; Los Angeles, California | 2 - Sedona, Arizona | 3 - Disney's Boardwalk at Disneyworld; Orlando, Florida | 4 - The Ca' d'Zan Mansion; Sarasota, Florida | 5 - Pfeiffer Beach; Big Sur, California | 6 - Disney's Boardwalk at Disneyworld; Orlando, Florida)

6. Time to chill (even if you've done nothing but chill all the day long)! Stretchy pants on, makeup off. Nuff said.

7. Put on your favorite chick flick, followed by Say Yes to the Dress. Review your fun photos from the day, catch up on your friend's snaps (πŸ‘» jusjess), and make sure your secret Pinterest board is open on your'll have your wedding planned by the end of the night!

That wraps up the perfect BFF day. But again, to each her own. πŸ˜‰ Enjoy a day with your bestie and think of my bestie and me!

Much love xo


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