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Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so I did a little love life Q&A with my girl Ruthie to kick things off! I'm asking her how ya know "when the shoe fits," what her favorite date with Ben looks like and any encouragement she can pass on to the single ladies this Valentine's Day! Bless her.

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1. Did you have any expectations or experiences that shaped your mindset on relationships before meeting Ben?

Ben was the very first person I ever dated in my life, so I had no clue what dating actually looked like! Because of that, I ended up with a very fairy-tale point of view about relationships, which left me slightly disappointed when it came to real life, but I am so glad I waited for Ben!

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2. How did you guys meet?

We met at church. Our families hung out a ton before we ever met! My brother and Ben spent a lot of time together at the gym. Finally, one Sunday after I was leading worship, I walked off the stage and decided to introduce myself to him!

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3. How do you know when the shoe fits? How did you know Ben was "the one?"

This was a gradual process of prayer, seeking counsel and going CRAZY! There was something about Ben that would not let me rest. He had everything on my "prayer list" and more. I was very intrigued by him shortly after us meeting...he was a mystery. A man of few words, but gentle and strong. Two weeks into dating we exchanged "I love you's" and started talking marriage. Always has and always will be a perfect fit for me.

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4. What does your favorite date day look like?

My ideal date is a solid amount of face time. While Ben can survive with very little communication, I can't. LOL. I'm a talker! I just love to hear what's on his heart...I have a deep need to connect with him. If we can have a 2 hour dinner, followed by a walk, coffee, and a movie, I'm one happy wifey!

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5. What's the greatest thing you've learned through your relationship with Ben?

We define "opposites attract!" I've learned that just because he communicates differently than I do doesn't mean he loves me any less. We're two completely different people from opposite ends of the earth. We process, communicate and express love on opposite ends of the spectrum!

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6. Anything you'd like to share on interracial marriage? It's made for a stunning family, I must say!

Interracial marriage has been a fun journey for Ben and me. People are very drawn to us and do stare at our family in public a lot! LOL! We really have never had any push back or negative experiences as a mixed couple from strangers. It's been fun to walk through this with our kids...I'm looking forward to diving more into the topic and the privilege as they get older.

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7. Tips for the single ladies this Valentine's Day?

Enjoy this season of singleness and do not settle. I would consider this as a time of preparation for the one the Lord has for you. The decisions you make today will effect the rest of your life.  Who you choose to marry is a HUGE piece of the puzzle and should be chosen cautiously...with counsel and a lot of prayer. You are worth the wait and worth the very BEST! Enjoy your girlfriends and treat yo self!!

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Jessica Sheppard