120715 x The Coads (Baby News Inside)

I've had the joy of photographing the progression of Josh and Rachael's relationship. Engagement, bridal, wedding, 5-year anniversary trash-the-dress, and now another exciting mile marker! Keep reading... :)


Wedding & Bridal:

5-Year Anniversary Trash-the-Dress (I'll have to do a full post on this shoot sometime -- incredible):

Pregnancy Announcement (from Austria):

Followed by...Gender Reveal Party:

The Coads chose to wait to find out if their babe is a boy or girl until they could throw a party with their family and friends. We popped the balloons and turns out, Baby Coad IS A GIRL! "Ellie," short for Elynia Renee, due to join us April 2016.

Much hugging, smiling and celebrating ensued...

Thumbs up to Olivia Boyd (lifeinstyleofficial.com), who planned a fantastic brunch themed soiree. Check out those baby cakes! :)

Enjoying yet another season of life with the Coads. Their family is growing and we rejoice with them! :)

Much love xo


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