Saturday Q&A

This Easter weekend is quite busy for my family and me, as my dad and I are both serving on the worship team at Gateway Church! One of our favorite places in the whole wide world. :) Our church is having 40 church services across 6 campuses in the DFW metroplex this weekend...can you believe that?! Amazing. I'm SO grateful to play a small part in sharing the Good News of our risen Savior.

Between the Easter festivities, I paused to answer a few shopping and beauty questions from today's look! See below and leave me a comment if you enjoyed this post or have other questions you'd like answered in future Q&A posts. :)

Q: Where did you shop for your outfit?

A:  One of my favorite online stores is ASOS. They have unique pieces I can't always find locally. You can purchase 3-day shipping for a whole year for $12...basically the girliest version of Amazon Prime out there. This longline polo pictured above is on sale for $25! Don't walk, RUN to ASOS to get it while it's good. My fringe earrings are from Anthropologie...find them by clicking HERE!

Shirt: ASOS Longline Polo (ON SALE FOR $25!); Earrings: Anthropologie

Q: What are you listening to?

A: My favorite right now is Hillsong Young and Free's Youth Revival record, but this song is my :)

Q: How did you do your hair?

A: This is my dressy go-to hair style because it's SO easy, but looks glammed up! I washed my hair yesterday (for those of you wondering how long its been :) After it dried, I put it in a high ponytail and curled the pony in 4-5 individual sections (using my faithful Conair styling wand), curling one small section of the ponytail at a time. I bobby-pinned the end of each curled section -- making a loose bun out of the pinned up pieces. I squirted some medium hold hairspray in and kept my hair up in the makeshift bun for about 4 hours (giving it time to bake). I pulled it down, ran my hands through it, recurled a crazy curl or two, and I wah-lah! Last night, I slept on it in a bun, taking it down today and doing the same thing -- shaking it out, recurled a few wild ones, and I was good to go for another day of curled hair! I don't like sticky, heavy hairspray -- I can make my washes last longer with this Kenra flexible hold hairspray (plus, I LOVE the smell) for any final touches.

Q: What lipstick do you have on?

A: I'm wearing  LOREAL Vagabond Mauve today, but I'll have to do a full makeup post soon, because  I've been finding so many wonderful beauty products lately! 

Happy Easter and much love xo


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