Wills Family | Photo Shoot

Do you save the best for last? For me, cake should always be eaten first, then the icing. Because let's be honest, we eat the cake for the icing. I say "we" to make myself feel better about having cake and eating it too. 😁 I've even heard some people eat pizza backwards...crust first? Is that a thing too?! Anyway, whichever food group you wanna relate to -- I said all of that to say -- this shoot isn't one of those *save the best for last* situations. I simply must show you my favorite image first because it's just asking for it.

This was the second year I've done a bluebonnet session with the Wills family -- our last shoot was actually a year ago to the date from this one -- what are the odds?! Their girls Ellie and Emily frolic in the field and I take photos...we've got a pretty sweet system down. 😉

Sometimes I only end up with a hand full of black and white images from a shoot, but this time, there was something special in the B/W's. Common sense might say, bluebonnets, I know...but these B/W's caught my affection!

Finding animals in the clouds ^^

Much love xo


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