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I grew up on the road with my mom started packing me along for the ride when I was six weeks old! I don't know how she did it...I see girls traveling with babes now and have an even greater admiration for her, and for them (shoutout #mombosses). Needless to say, travel has always been in the blood, but over the past year, you could say I've been "taking advantage of the season."  My best friend and I stayed in a treehouse, a train caboose, an Airstream trailer and a yurt--all within three months' time--just because. Even though I hope travel will always be part of my life, I realize there's no guarantee that every season will always make room for such for now, I'm asking myself, "Why not?," checking bucket list items off my list and having lots of fun doing it.

This season of adventure technically began in Malibu in May 2015. I had just finished a major project with work (click here to check it out) and headed to LA for some vaca. I mentioned my best friend up Blaire (pictured on the right in above photo). She's the one who's riding shotgun. Our plan was to start in an Airstream trailer in Malibu, then spend a few days in the Hollywood Hills, followed by a splurge at Four Seasons Beverly Hills. Well, after a few days in the beloved airstream, we had fallen hard for Malibu. I did some rummaging around on the Internet and found there was a train caboose only a few miles away...and it was available for a few nights during our trip! On a whim, we cancelled our stay at the Four Seasons (SERIOUSLY? How could we?! I know, this explains just how how hard we fell for Malibu.). Telling you this story could unravel literally a series of blog posts with the best travel information, guides and photos! For now, you at least have some context for my Malibu love.

To deepen the love, our family decided to take a two week vacation this summer (one week in Malibu, one week in Pebble Beach). To block our schedules out for such a big block of time is seriously miraculous! I'm now a young single adult, and I'm truly cherishing the time I currently have with my parents...we all realize it won't last forever, so I guess you could say we're "taking advantage of the season." 😉 Our time in Malibu marked one year to the day of me being there for the first time. I guess there's just something special about May in Malibu.

Below are the photo diaries I've not yet shared from our trip! Pebble Beach coming sooooon.

One of my favorite activities when traveling is hiking. Now I wouldn't call myself an "experienced hiker," but it's a fun way to take in the local views. Backbone Trail is an emormous hiking trail that's probably the most well known hiking in the Malibu area (it spans 68 miles long), but a lot of it is really woodsy. Charmlee Wilderness Park is my favorite hiking in the area because it's wide open spaces...the elevation is high, the views are mountains, valleys AND ocean (which in my opinion, is the recipe for the best hiking EVER). Parking is $4, so take some cash with you! Here's a few photos from our foggy day at Charmlee (and my athletic wear linked below, of course).

^^Totally casual

I took part in my first ever style linkup while I was in Cali...thanks to my girls Laura and Erin for having me guest host! If you missed the post, click here (shopping links included).

X marks the spot that I fell in love with Malibu. ^^Pointe Dume proudly resides at the top of my "Malibu favorites" list!

^^Meet Kevin, the peacock pet that visited our cabin daily, guarded our gate and watched over the ocean, making our time in Malibu all the more unreal.

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Much love xo


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