Guide for Thriving | Single on Valentine's Day


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Hey ladies! With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it’d be fun to put together a guide for not just surviving the romantic holiday as a single adult, but THRIVING. LOL! To be honest, I’m actually really looking forward to it this year…I’m headed out to take pictures with one of my friends, then to another girlfriend’s house for a Galentine’s night! PJs, movies, sweet treats, good friends…it’s going down! SO…even though these tips actually apply to every day, here’s my best advice for living your best life on V-Day.

Do for yourself and do for others…focus on who you’re becoming, your relationship with God and your closest friends!

  • For starters, delete Instagram off your phone if you’re not in the right headspace for a lovey dovey feed. Do what’s best for you!

  • Treat yourself. Nails, massage, hair, face masks, your favorite meal...all the things.

  • Savor time with your girlfriends…you never know…your singleness may not last long! :)

  • Write a love note to your future husband and save it for a future Valentine’s Day!

  • Go on a date with God! Set aside a little extra time to spend together at your favorite coffee shop.

  • Have a girls night! Go out or stay in…PJs or dress up…whatever floats your boat. Chick flicks, nail polish and friendship bracelets.

  • Journal. Write a list of 5 (or 25) things you’re grateful for today.

  • Have FUN! Don’t take life too seriously, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Now it’s time to dote on your friends! Let’s show a little extra love through our words, actions and “just because” surprises. Everyone’s walking through something, whether we realize it or not. Here are a few specific ideas!

  • Send 5 “just because” texts telling someone how much you admire, love and appreciate them.

  • Venmo one of your girlfriends cash for a coffee!

  • Drop off flowers on someone’s doorstep!

  • Have cookies delivered (Tiff’s Treats is always a win if it’s in your area!) to a loved one!

  • Offer to pick up groceries or clean a new mama’s house (or even better—send over an Ubereats gift card)!

Let me know if you have any ideas to add to this list. Hope this inspires you to make V-Day great! We have so much to be thankful for. Here’s to sharing the love today (and every day)!

Jess xo

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