Mexico Packing Checklist + Travel Tips

Hi guys! Hope you're having a fabulous week. I'm currently visiting my Mawmaw in New Orleans! Met up with Angelle from Dashing Darlin' today which was oh so good for the complaints here. :)

I've been working on photos from my recent Cozumel trip and thought it'd be helpful to share a "Mexico Packing Checklist + Tips" blog! This was my first trip to Mexico, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect! I'm already dreaming of my next trip there, though...maybe Tulum? :) Here are a few things to pack if you're planning a trip across the border this summer. Keep in mind this was my first trip and we visited Cozumel...I'm no expert! It's definitely wise to do your own research about your specific destination!

Passport. Won't get very far without this one! ;)

Sunscreen. I can't emphasize this enough! I found this Alba Botanical Sunscreen in a 2-pack at Costco and fell in love with it while on this's reef safe and doesn't smell like sunscreen...AT ALL! (The only 2-pack I could find online is here.) And I use this one on my face under my makeup every day.

Bug Spray. Think humid jungle vibes. I also brought lavender for bug bites, which really elevates the sting/itch.

Bathing Suits. I would recommend bringing more than one bathing suit! Since it's so humid, they don't always dry out overnight even if you leave them outside.

Cash. Of course you can always use ATMs, but I was surprised how many places did not accept credit cards. Even though it's really nice to have pesos on hand, most places do accept US dollars, so definitely bring plenty of cash. But only carry around as much as you need for the day! Leave the rest in a safe at your hotel.

No Frizz Humidity Shield. I just wasn't expecting Mexico to be SO HUMID! It's a very wet heat. So if your hair tends to frizz up in humid environments (whose doesn't?!), this stuff is awesome! Just spritz after styling and spraying your hair!

Other tips:

Tap water. Don't drink the tap water! It can cause problems with your digestive system or a case of the dreaded "Montezuma's Revenge!" Even brushing your teeth with it for us tourists can be a rough situation. Pro tip: buy jugs of water at the local grocery mart and order bottled water when you're out to eat!

Pick-pocketing. Whatever purse you bring, I would stay away from a backpack since it can easily be pick-pocketed! We met an American who's lived in Cozumel for several years now and she also recommended not carrying your purse on the side closest to cars if you're walking. People apparently slit purses and grab them as they drive by! Sounds crazy, but I took her precaution.

Valuables. Think twice about the valuables you bring with you! I didn't pack any jewelry I can't live without. If it's not essential, leave it at home!

Consider weather. Keep in mind that hurricane season is June-November. June-September is considered hot and humid. We heard December is the busiest time to go. We also heard April and October are really nice times to visit.

Travel advisories. It's always a good idea to scan the US Department of State's site to see about any travel advisories for international travel.

That's all I got! Happy travels. :) Comment below if you have any additional tips for travel to Mexico!

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