Back To School Capsule Wardrobe


I've been so inspired lately by the idea of a capsule wardrobe, and have coincidentally received several messages asking if I have tips for putting one together! A capsule wardrobe is basically a small group of versatile, essential clothing items that all work together to create many, many outfit options. Capsule wardrobes are becoming popular for many reasons including time, cost and space efficiency...especially great for those who live with small closet space available, or travel often! The idea also allows for intentionally investing in each individual piece since you're working with a smaller number of items. Maximized usage with a minimalist mindset.

Ok,, I love the idea, but where do I start? I get overwhelmed when it comes to how, and I'm thinking you might find yourself in a similar place.

I decided to get my feet wet by putting together a capsule wardrobe with back to school in mind. I took 16 pieces and created 64 outfit combinations. Items range from $9.99 to $98. Instead of just saying, "Here are 16 pieces that will create 64 outfits," I decided to take a photo in all 64 outfits, because I'm a visual person and that's what I'd want to see if I were you. And yes, my knees are beet red in the pictures due to the Texas heat! LOL. :)

If you're considering creating a capsule wardrobe for back to school or fall in general, I hope this takes a LOT of the leg work out for you!

So here we go! I'll list out all 16 items, including a few alternate options, then the outfit photos are down below. Just keep in mind with alternate options that all tops need to work with all bottoms, all outer layers need to work with all bottoms, and all tops need to work with all outer layers.

1 - Crop Tee (similar ideas herehere, here, here, here)

2 - Plain Tee

3 - Graphic Tee (similar ideas here, here, here, here)

4 - Swing Top (similar ideas herehere, here, here, here)

5 - Plaid Top (similar ideas here, here, here)

6 - Swing Dress (similar ideas herehere, here)

7 - Stripe Cardigan (similar ideas herehere, here, here)

8 - Plain Cardigan (similar ideas herehere, here)

9 - Pullover Sweater - I bought this sweater in stores at H&M. The closest thing I could find online is this blue sweater. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the green one online, but until then, here's some similar options here, here, herehere, here!

10 - Denim Jacket - My denim jacket is from Old Navy in the 90's! This and this are both similar options.

11 - Skirt (similar ideas here, here, here)

12 - Midi dress

13 - Jeans - My mom and I both bought these jeans in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale...can't say enough good things!

14 - Joggers or Jersey Pants (similar options here, herehere, here)

15 - White Sneakers - I found these Prada sneakers at Nordstrom Rack last year! Found a few similar ideas here, here, here!

16 - Vans

Bonus: Baker Boy Hat

Do you have any capsule wardrobe tips?! Send them my way!

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