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I'm realizing more and more how much I rely on artistic instinct rather than conscious reason to do what I do creatively. I guess when certain things come naturally to you, over time it just makes sense...until you try to explain it to someone else in simplistic terms and realize how involved it actually is?

When asked to give tips on piano, or photography, or even styling can be a challenge because in general has do's and don'ts, rights and wrongs...but as Picasso said, "Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist." So how do you explain those exceptions, when to make them, etc.? Did I lose anyone here???

The same goes for outfits...for me personally, they either work or they don''s based on a feel, a natural sense...not a step-by-step formula.

Anyway, the foundation for many blogger's success is laying out easy to follow DIY tips...takeaways and nuggets applicable to everyday living! For me, that's a challenge, since the artist in me says the how can't really be explained. The combination of the pieces evoked a certain feeling, fit the mood, the day, the people, the scene, the environment...and how/why would that even need to be explained? Ok, if I didn't lose you before, I probably deeefinitely lost you here.

So below I've taken some notes on how I subconsciously chose to piece this look together--mixing styles and trends--ending up with this look. I've also linked shopping details, of course, along with inexpensive black fringe crossbody bags similar to the one I'm sporting here. (Side note: I picked this particular handbag up at a night market in Taipei, purchasing souvenirs that translate into my normal life and regular routine at home.)

On to the outfit and my subconscious thought life! And...GO.

Cape tunic: ASOS (similar here and here) | Jeans: ASOS | Choker: Forever 21 | Eyewear: c/o Coastal | Heels: Sam Edelman (similar here) | Purse: similar here and here | Lipstick: I mixed this and this for my nude lip from Bite Beauty

Cape tunic styles:

Black fringe crossbody styles:

Patched denim styles:

Western accessories:

Western shoes:

Style Recipe: Mix it up!

  1. Chic Look - Choose a basic with either a structured frame, straight lines or boxy cut--preferably a solid color to fit the clean chic vibe.
  2. Funky Flair - I picked a pair of patched denim jeans for the unexpected funky piece. Any pant or jean that has special detail--maybe embroidered lace, maybe lace-ups around the ankle, or even a patterned harem pant might be cool with this. The cape tunic I'm wearing is actually 1/2 of a set...the original bottom half to the set is featured in this post.
  3. Taste of Trend - These frames came from Coastal and they're a fun combination of chic and trendy. The hard-edged lines make for a structured look, but they feel very modern and trendy. As for the other accessories, the handbag and the choker both have a 70s western vibe to them, which is a popular trend right now! Think fringe, suede, woven bags, double belt buckles, round sunglasses, chokers, neck ties, etc.

Note: In hindsight, the shoes match the vibe of the tunic...there's something high-end about them, but as you probably guessed, that was unintentional. If you want to go for a similar look, be picky about which pieces are funky...too much flair can be FUNKY, ya know? So keeping the heels simple is a good idea for this one if you have an eclectic or unique pant.

Author: Jessica's subconscious?

Styles involved: chic, modern, eclectic, funky, trendy, boho, western

Description of look: Chic with a funky flair...and a taste of trendyyyy

Ingredients needed: Shopping links?

Time: Lifetime.

It's a lifetime process...learning to style outfits, buying mix and match pieces to make your wardrobe look 10xs larger than it'll be making subconsciously strange decisions like me in no time! But be careful, you may wind up trying to explain your styling choices to thousands of people one day!

Happy styling!

I hope you enjoyed this post...let me know what styles you like mixing when you put outfits together! 

Oh, one last thing...have you seen my new Facebook page for the blog?! Cause I'm SO exited about it. This is going to be a fun place for me to connect with friends who follow my blog on a more personal level, so be sure to go "like," "follow," "share," etc., etc., etc. :)

Much love xo


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