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Over time, my platform has grown through the variety of my creative expressions. Faith is the foundation of my life. Music is a consistent rhythm for my days. Fashion is an expression of my personality, and photography is the gift by which I’m able to capture life and share it with you.

Taking pictures started out as a hobby that grew into a profession (lifestyle/portrait photography). In more recent days, the camera has turned on me with this blogging adventure. Now that Christmastime is quickly approaching (what am I saying?!), my calendar will fill up with beautiful clients who will make more of a frequent appearance on my blog.

Throughout the season, I’ll help you know how to choose a photographer, how to work well with one, what to wear for a family shoot, and give you some everyday picture-taking tips. If you have any topic ideas you'd like to see added to the lineup, leave me a comment below!

We're kicking things off with a Q&A! Whether you know me as a musician, photographer or blogger, today you can get to know Jessica, the photographer. :) The photos featured in this post are senior portraits for the cutest curly-headed human I’ve ever seen, Alex Norris. Enjoy!

Q: When did you become interested in photography?

A: When I was growing up, my mom had an Olympus film camera that resided in our laundry room closet. Somehow, it always found its way into my hands. In my middle school years, I got my first digital camera (in all of its one-inch display glory). I upgraded to a Nikon D40x (and later purchased a Nikon D300) with the intention of photographing my dad’s ministry trips. But somehow, opportunities to shoot friends’ senior photos and family pictures started popping up.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about pictures?

A: Life flies by at such a fast pace. Photography is the only force strong enough to stop the clock. Pictures freeze our moments in time and let us relive the sights and sounds—feelings and emotions—as often as we like—as many times as we wish.

Q: At what point did you start taking pictures professionally?

A: Professional photography seemed to slowly stumble upon me. I was around 17 years old when I started being paid for shoots and became more serious about my hobby. I never set out to make a career of photography, yet the Lord has used it as a meaningful creative outlet in my life.

Taking a picture feels like such a natural response to beautiful moments in life. I find so much fulfillment in doing that for my family as well as others. I honestly cannot imagine my world without such a gift…I still can’t believe I get paid for it.

Q: What kind of camera do you use?

A: Nikon D750, and my favorite lens is a 50mm 1.4.

Q: What's the best time of day to shoot outdoors?

A: I love taking pictures in the mornings and early evenings, just before sunset. The light is beautiful! I also really enjoy overcast days.

Q: What’s the most satisfying thing about being a portrait photographer?

People seem to associate photo shoots with stress. It’s easy to get caught up in all the challenges…from finding the right photographer, to coordinating busy schedules, to organizing outfits and securing a location. However, there’s nothing more satisfying than when…

1.     people leave a shoot with a smile on their faces, saying they can’t believe it was that easy (and that fun),

2.     they receive their images and have “way too many options to choose from,” and

3.     I receive their Christmas card in the mail or see their photos proudly displayed in their home.

These are the “mission accomplished” moments that I live for!

To see more of my portfolio, CLICK HERE 

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Much love xo




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