Father's Day Dream Team

It's a pretty unique thing we've got going on over here. For context, my dad is a legend (the white hair is a dead giveaway). He's been in Christian music for longer than he'd be willing to admit...he's truly one of the men who paved the way for worship music today (and I'm entirely unbiased...just ask YouTube).

One of the things I admire most about Dad is that he never pushed me to "do what he does." I was raised thinking that with God's help I could do anything I set my heart and mind to. But once I started taking classical piano lessons (at the age of 5), he said quitting wasn't an option. 😏 I'd have rough days of not wanting to practice or wishing I could give up on lessons, but my parents could see a natural ability in me. God's faithfulness met my diligence and multiplied my efforts. (Read more in my Mother's Day post.)

Fast forward 20 years--we're hopping in the car this morning to head to church--to serve in worship leadership--together. I never would've dreamed my full-time life would someday revolve around music, let alone music with Dad. It's a special gift to enjoy this season together, doing what we love...it's a one-two father-daughter punch...the dream team. 😉

As I was putting my seat belt on, I said, "Happy Father's Day!" He replied, "Happy Daughter's Day...I wouldn't be a father without you." I've kind of been a teary mess the rest of the day.

He sweetly agreed to the Father's Day photo shoot...pictures mean so much to me, they should seriously count as a sixth love language.

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I'm wearing this maxi, which is on sale for $49! My absolute new favorite piece. I found two other dresses (here and here) in the same print...both under $40!

Happy Father's Day!


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